Thursday, June 7, 2012

1000 Follower Giveaway week: Snap-Ez diaper Review & Giveaway

In celebration of reaching 1000 followers I will be hosting a week long of giveaways. Each day I will feature a new company and will giveaway a great item that you will love.

Today's review and giveaway is from a  cloth diaper company called Snap-EZ. They have baby, youth and adult sized diapers. I was sent their Snap-ez pocket diaper in the color cherry and it retails for $19.00.

They are all handmade (no mass production).
We strive to create innovative designs to make
using cloth a way of life for more people.
We only use the highest quality goods to produce my products
- you can't make a quality product if you use inferior materials!
With the exception of our snaps, hemp fleece and elastic, all our materials are made in the USA!     

These diapers consist of an outer layer of "PUL"
(waterproof laminated polyester knit fabric),
and an inner layer of polyester Microfleece from Polartec,
the best in the industry and milled in the USA.
The microfleece wicks the moisture away from the skin
and into the soaker/insert/prefold so wetness is not felt.
This also reduces the incidence of rashes.
It also makes clean up much easier as "stuff" doesn't stick
to microfleece like it does to diaper flannel and other cottons!

The PUL outside and the Microfleece inside are stretchy,
giving the diaper stretch for a better fit.
We only use Lastin (latex free swimwear elastic) in these diapers
as it is so gentle on the skin!
It is used at the back opening on both sides, in the front,
and around the legs to create a very fitted diaper.
The Lastin is sewn into hidden serged seams
creating very soft comfortable leg and waist fit.
There are 2 - 4 triple sets of polyacetal resin snaps
to choose from on each side,
allowing for adjusting the fit of the
leg, hip and waist separately.
The Multi-Size Baby Pocket Diaper also come with 4 rows of snaps for adjusting the rise!
These fit from 8 pounds to 35 pounds:

And a back side shot
I was not sent a insert with this diaper so I used one of my hemp inserts and the diaper did not leak and it worked very nice for this heave wetter. They come in solid prints and in many different colors.

One lucky TTGG mom will win a Snap-Ez diaper!

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