Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tender Bottoms Wipes Review

This is a etsy store review from Tender Bottoms. Info about the owner:

My name is Kadi and I've been married to my hubby for almost seven years. We have two children, our daughter is 3 1/2 and our son is almost 16 months old. I'm a MSAHM. I work around 15 hours a week as the Food service Director for our church.

I've been using cloth wipes and my Homemade detergent for almost a year, and wish I had been using them all along. Who would have thought that using cloth wipes could save us over $350 a year and that making my own detergent would only cost us $30 for a 6 month supply! I was spending $20 a month! I love to tell everyone that they are crazy for buying disposable wipes with the intention of just throwing them away. Or spending so much money for all the extra chemicals in their laundry detergent plus a liquid bottle of detergent that is 2/3 water!

I love crafting and I try to make things that are useful to my everyday life and I try and sell the same types of crafts. I love hand quilting and hand embroidery and I get to do a lot of those for people that I know locally.

Other than that I'm just your average SAHMommy who is always busy at home and trying to help provide for our family on ways that don't cost us valuable time with our kids (or daycare costs, lol)

I was sent her 2 ply and 1 ply baby wipes.
They came cutely packaged and it came with recipe's on how to make your own wipe solution. She sent me some boy and girly wipes.
The are made from 100% Cotton Flannel and are 2 ply and have rounded serged edges and are 8 inch squares.
They will come to you wrapped in a cute ribbon (great for if it's going to be a shower gift) and you will also get the "Tender Bottoms Card", inside of the card are four recipes for making your own natural washing solutions! These Tender Bottom Wipes are a great eco-friendly option for your family! You can get a 12 for $6.00 30 pack of 2ply for $15.00 or 60 for $30.00. For the 1ply you can get 30 for $10.00
The 2 ply are double sided with the same print and the 1 ply just has 1 size and is also stitched around the edges.
This wipes are also great for:
Paper towels
Hand and face washing
TP Replacement

She also makes Burp Rags, Goats milk Laundry detergent and the wipes..

I received this item for review purposes. My opinions are honest and I was not paid for this review.


  1. Would you recommend the 1 ply or 2 ply for baby wipes?

    1. It's really personal preference and how much your budget is and how much you want to spend. If u have any more questions email me @ but I like the terry or 2 or 3 ply.