Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Kushy Foot Sandal Flats Review

This is another review for KushyFoot. They sent me their Sandal Flats to go which retail for $9.99. They sent me the color Slate.
NEW Sandal Flats-to-go ®! Soft, flexible faux leather Flats-to-go ® are an instant and elegant solution to a perennial need for the relief of sore heels, blisters and scrunched up toes. They're still lightweight and portable - perfect for the desk drawer, car or purse - but now the toes, sides and back are open. The 3-dimensional wavy sole cushions and massages the foot as the wearer walks-perfect for indoor and smooth outdoor surfaces. They slip neatly and easily into their owner's purse, folded into a cute clear plastic carrier with its own little handles.
These are really nice and cute. The bottoms are really thin but comfortable. These fit in your car or handbag great and this would be the perfect shoe to sip into after your wedding for all of that dancing.

I really like these and they were easy to put on. Not to mention how nice they look for being so simple.

I received this item for review purposes. My opinions are honest and I was not paid for this review.

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