Thursday, March 29, 2012

Little Ace Wonders Cloth Diaper Review

Little Ace Wonders is a facebook store that WAHM Michelle owns. I purchased a pocket diaper at a reduced price. As soon as I saw the print I knew that I had to have it. If you know our family and this blog we are eco crazy. Her pocket diapers are $18 plus shipping. So lets lets get on and show the print!
When I first got this diaper I was put off a bit by the front pocket since I have never seen one before. Once we put this diaper on the baby it was a great fit there was no slack to get tucked behind. Lets show the back side which is my favorite!

If this diaper isn't cute enough let me show you the inside.
It is a very pretty blue minky.
This diaper has a front pocket for stuffing which I have decided that I really like. There is no added bulk from the flaps.

Now for the front and butt baby shot..

She also makes newborn AIO $14
Pocket diapers you get a choice of inner also which is minky or butter suede, they are $18
AI2 Diapers are$20 your choice of inner material. All contain pul unless specified other wise.

Inserts are 1.50 each and have  two layers of zorb.

Also upcoming are two night time options and a swim diaper before may!

SO make sure to visit her FACEBOOK page to purchase a cute diaper. Print shown in this review is also available. 

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