Monday, March 19, 2012

Litter Robot Review

This is a great review if you have cats in your house and you hate to clean out the litter box. This review is on the Litter Robot. I was sent their LR2 Bubble Unit which retails for $359.99. The Litter Robot is a self cleaning litter box and I have to say overall we love it.
It came in a huge box and I was really excited to get it. When we opened the box they all come in large sized pieces. There was instructions and it was easy to put together.

So What's in the Box?

  • (1) Litter Robot II Bubble Unit Fully Assembled
  • (1) Lip Extender (Comes Assembled to Globe)
  • (1) Carbon Filter
  • (3) Waste Drawer Liners
  • (1) 12VDC Power Supply
  • (1) Manual
  • (1) Return and Repack Instructions
    The Litter-Robot’s standard litter efficiency and compatibility with biodegradable litters makes it a litter box that you can brag about! And don’t forget that Litter-Robot is made in the USA. Buying local reduces energy consumed, and pollution emitted by transporting product from overseas.

When all 3 pieces are put together it looks like this.
Ok so now that you have seen how to put it together you want to know how it works right? Let me show you.
Let me also tell you the advantages of using the litter robot.
The Litter-Robot frees you from the chore of litter box scooping.
  • You can be confident that your cats have a litter box that is cleaned automatically and reliably, again and again.
  • The large waste drawer holds several days' worth of waste, giving you the time and freedom to do the things you enjoy.
  • You can take that weekend trip or leave town for a short business trip without having to worry about your cat’s litter box.
  • Cleaning the litter box is now as simple as changing a kitchen garbage bag every few days.
    • If you have several cats, the drawer may still need to be emptied daily.
  • No Special Receptacles or Waste Bags.
    • Why spend a lot of money on special receptacles or waste bags? The Litter-Robot was designed to work with inexpensive standard 8 and 13 gallon kitchen garbage bags - those larger grocery bags work very well, too.
  • Works with Any Clumping Litter.
    • Contact us at or call toll-free, 1-877-250-7729, if you have any questions about using a particular kind of litter.
  • No More Litter Box Smell.
    • The Litter-Robot waste drawer was designed to prevent mold growth, eliminating that typical cat box smell. However, we do recommend that you empty the waste drawer at least once a week - after all, there are limits.
  • Saves Money.
    • Customers have reported litter savings of up to 40% with the Litter-Robot as compared with traditional litter boxes or other self cleaning litter boxes.
  • Safe and Comfortable for Your Cats.

  • We Love this litter box..The one and only thing that I do not like about it is my cats like to jump out of it instead of walking down the step that they scatter litter out of the litter box. Having 4 cats this makes a mess and I have to sweep the floor daily. I would rather sweep the floor than scoop the litter box though!
    Don't tell my cat I posted this pic he may be embarrassed..

    I received this item for review purposes My opinions are honest and I was not paid for this review.


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