Monday, March 26, 2012

Fertibella TTC kit review

This is a kit I received for review from
What comes in the kit you ask?

What: TTC Kit - The product is for the exclusive new Trying to Conceive (TTC) Starter Kit ™ (a $152 value). The TTC Kit is an all-in-one, natural, proven solution for helping mommies-to-be conceive sooner & easier than ever before. You will receive Conceive Easy's Months 1&2 Starter Pack and can also choose to customize your new TTC Kit with one of the following exclusive bonus gifts:
Bonus gift #1:
20 Early Result Pregnancy TestsBonus gift #2: 20 One-Step Ovulation TestsBonus gift #3: 10 Pregnancy & 10 Ovulation

In my kit I choose the extra pregnancy tests since I had bought some Opk's already. It comes with 2 months of Fertibella advanced conception pills.

Let me tell you what the web site says about the Fertibella pills.

FertiBella is a monthly reproductive support system designed to help increase your fertility levels and optimize your chances for conceiving from the very first use.
Each month is indicated by the number on the label and contains a different pharmaceutical grade blend scientifically formulated to boost your body’s natural fertility.
While many people see results with FertiBella in the very first month, each individual’s reproductive cycles are unique. Use the system as prescribed and you will experience success.

I have been taking the Fertibella for about 15 days and my HCG test this month is negative.. I will continue to use this in hopes to help us get pregnant.
Right now you can try this kit for free just pay shipping...Order HERE
I received this item for review purposes. My opinions are honest and I was not paid for this review.


  1. how do i use the dip strips do I take off that lastic that has the words max on that side or i dip with that little plastic strip on there. When use the plastic i get - test and when i dont use the plastic i get two lines. Af due in 7 days i know its to early but how do i use the dip sticks

    1. you need to either pee in a cup and dip it or pee on the stick. you will dip it to the line on the test. if you get 2 lines and you are using a pregnancy test then you are pregnant

    2. This might be a little late, but for anyone else wondering the same thing, here is a good article I found: I am planning to take my 1st test tomorrow - wish me luck!

  2. Awesome to highlight Fertibella! I was TTC for four years and had no luck until I started using Fertibella. I got pregnant during month 2 tho, which I read is most common. Best wishes for you all!

  3. I had no idea there were affordable options for women who dont want to go through with IVF.

  4. are the pregnancy tests good for this? if so, that is a stupendous deal! i saw early pregnancy tests at the store for $54!

  5. I just used one of the Fertibella pregnancy tests. I originally used EPT because I had one left from last year when my husband bought them. I was so shocked to see that I was pregnant that I used the Fertibella test as back-up to see that I was seeing correctly! Both tests immediately picked up the positive result!! So yah, they work!

  6. Wow..we have been trying to get pregnant for over a year now with No luck,.I just order my ttc kit today, I can't wait for them to come . Wish me luck everyone

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  8. I want to try it but i don't want to be out thw money that i already have and it not work :(