Wednesday, February 1, 2012

ModKat litterbox Review

If you are a animal lover like myself but you hate the litter box mess then this is a review for you. ModKat sent me their ModKat litter box which retails for $180.00.
Who says a litter box can’t embrace form as well as function, work with your d├ęcor and provide an unparalleled experience for your cat. Not us. The award winning ModKat Litter Box is the answer. Its modern design compliments any room, while the enclosed base and “rooftop access” allows your cat the privacy needed to do his or her business.
Every detail of this patented design has been thoughtfully considered. The locking lid acts as a walk-off mat keeping litter off your floors while keeping small dogs from enjoying the "treats" inside. An ergonomic scoop with incorporated brush stows neatly on the side and the reusable litter liner is friendly to your wallet and the environment.

The "Rooftop" entry lid allows for a fully enclosed base, keeping litter inside no matter how intense a digger you have. Whether skittishly leaping or gently climbing out of ModKat, gravity does most of the dirty work grabbing the litter from their paws, while the lid/walk-off mat finishes the job keeping your floors virtually pebble free. The lid is hinged to swivel open, dumping any trapped litter back inside and at 90° lifts straight off giving full access to the reusable liner
Our thoughtfully designed ModKat Litter Scoop has an ergonomic handle angled to reach the depths of the ModKat Litter Box, while the arced front edge matches ModKat's contours for thorough scooping. A clean-up brush has been incorporated to return any stray litter back into the box and it nests neatly on either side of the box for convenient storage and access. With all of this attention to detail, did you think we'd let you drop the scoop on the floor.

The ModKat Litter Liner is reusable with incorporated handles for effortless removal and emptying. Constructed of commercial-strength tarpaulin, which is rip-resistant and a snap to clean! The liner is extra tall with a fitted band keeping it snug to the perimeter of the box. It's designed to fit perfectly inside the ModKat Litter Box, which means you'll never see an ugly protruding unfitted liner again. We highly recommend using organic or all natural clumping litter with our liners.
Every ModKat comes with a blue ModKat Litter Liner, you will never have to buy disposable plastic liners again!
This is a great litter box and i have not had to sweep any litter off the floor which is great! I would recommend this litter box to anyone and I have 4 cats. It is easy to dump out as well.

I received this item for review purposes. My opinions are honest and I was not paid for this review.

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