Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Internet and phone to bundle or not?

Authored by Rickey Combs
These days with everyone running around with a mobile phone in their pockets it is hard to justify paying money for a normal, stationary home phone. I have gone back and forth about it. I have children so it important for them to know where the phone is in case of emergency. The kids don’t have cell phones for obvious reasons so it makes sense to have at least one home phone for them to use. When I started looking at pricing for phones I found that every company out there wants you to bundle all of their services together so you get sucked in to their company and save money at the same time. I am not quite sold on the whole bundling thing until I ran across this Long Island T1 site which actually made packages and bundles that make sense. They can give you internet access as well as home phone access via voice over IP. I finally found a company that can give me a decent price and two of the things that I would have already needed anyways.

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  1. Have you ever thought of Vonage? We have used Vonage for years. My husband hates having a landline.. but I think the same way you do... the kids need it for emergencies, school crap, etc. Our vonage is totally reliable and its only like $30 month. That includes international calls to Europe and Western Asia.. if I needed to use it. Just a thought. =) love your blog btw.