Saturday, February 4, 2012


I appreciate the guest post, Emerson Moses
What is with the news these days? Has it always been this way and I’m just slow to notice? It seems like they are literally trying to scare you to death with these worse case scenarios! I turn on my direct Tv, and flip through the channels and what do I see? There’s 20/20: “next, find out about the deadly bacteria that is all over your house.” Then Anderson Cooper tells me: “Think your children are safe at school? Think again.” Nancy Grace screams at me, reminding me how everyone is a likely pedophile. Meanwhile, I’ve got FOX news telling me that the government is going to hell in a hand basket, and that I should be beyond concerned. I mean, really!? Are things really all that bad? I think as a culture we have gotten so fearful, and about the wrong things! We are even scared of being scared! (There was actually a segment on the View last week about how anxiety, even normal amounts, can shorten your lifespan) Enough is enough already!

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