Friday, February 3, 2012

BuggyLove Review


This is a review from a company that I have never heard of. Their name is BuggyLove. They sent me their Organic Stroller Cleaning Kit that retails for $49.99.
BuggyLOVE - Organic Stroller Cleaning Kit includes FreshLOVE, PolishLOVE, FabricLOVE, WheelLOVE, Re-usable To-Go Bag, Wheel Scrub Brush, and Re-claimed Microfiber Cloth.


8 oz. of exotic, delicious, pure, organic rosehip
scented solution for all over re-freshening.



8 oz. of crisp, organic tangerine scented solution for
cleaning dirt and grime from stroller frames and wheels.


See ya’ milk and formula stains! 4 oz. of refreshing,
organic clementine scented solution for universal
use on stroller surfaces and fabrics


1 oz. of the first-ever, all natural, stroller wheel lube
that eliminates squeaks and squeals.

This kit also comes with
SCRUBLOVE - Wheel scrub brush with white tampico bristles
MICROLOVE - Re-claimed microfiber cloth
BAG O’LOVE - Re-usable, cotton, drawstring to-go bag



I received this item for review purposes. My opinions are honest and I was not paid for this review.

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