Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Masters Week

Guest post written by Kevin Beach
During one full week in April, I might as well come to terms with the fact I will not see or hear from my boyfriend. Ever since he went to http://www.expertsatellite.com/direct-tv/direct-tv-mooresville-north-carolina.html to include the Masters Week channel, his two eyes are glued to the television screen for hours upon hours. Although I do enjoy golf and believe it is the perfect thing to watch when taking a nap, the intensity behind the Masters takes things to another level. With the Masters channel, you can track each player and watch the performance live from every hole. This provides entertainment for days and leads to lots of abrupt cheering. I have decided that one year in the future, I would like to attend the actual event in order to grasp this legendary golf championship. But for now, I will have to learn and enjoy the game through watching on the television in order to spend time with my boyfriend and actually gain some knowledge on the sport itself. Who knows, watching the sport on television might inspire me to take somelessons and join the guys out there for a game of golf!

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