Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hot Pants Review

Today's review is coming from Zaggora HotPants which retail for $71.86 for 1. I will telly you a little bit about them and give my opinion on them. No that is not me in the pic boy do I wish.. Let HOTPANTS™ be your secret weapon. HOTPANTS™ are super comfortable and can be worn indoors, or out, on their own or under clothes. Wear HOTPANTS™ when you are going about your day, when you are exercising or even doing the housework! Every woman has a layer under their skin (dermis) of connective tissue. This has areas of breakage which allows fat cells (adipose tissue) to come through to the surface. Guys are lucky enough not have this as their connective tissue is unbroken.

This breakage in the connective tissue contributes to the dimpled appearance of skin, causing the appearance of the dreaded ‘cellulite’. To make things worse, the modern lifestyle and work cycle, geared towards long periods of sitting at work, lead to lower circulation in the thighs and tummy.    

For me I do not like these I feel as they did nothing for me and they were uncomfortable to wear. Maybe if my body looked like the girl in the photo or maybe after I lose some weight I will be able to wear them. I tried them on their own and under clothes and they were to bulky. However I have seen many opinions and they love these pants so this is just my opinion.

I received this item for review purposes. My opinions are honest and I was not paid for this review.

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