Wednesday, October 26, 2011

MAM Baby Product Review


I was recently sent 3 products to try from the brand Mam Baby.
I was sent a set of bottles, pack of pacifiers and a cooler.
First up is the cooler. They sent me their 4+mo cooler.
Baby's first teeth are a whole new adventure. MAM designers have developed a teether which cools while also looking cool. The Cooler is fun to use and chewing, cooling and relaxing enables babies to quickly forget their teething troubles.

  • The Cooler is fun to use and enables babies quickly to forget their teething troubles.
  • Various surface structures and materials make teething easier..
  • The unique shape of the cooling element also easily reaches the molars.
They carry coolers for babies 1+months and I love that they think about smaller babies that may be cutting teeth as well. This cooler comes in 3 different colors for boys or girls. It is BPA free and who doesn't love that. Its design is great also and makes it easy for babies to hold on to.

Next is their MAM air Ultra Soft Silicone pacifiers. They are for 6+months so I havent had the chance to try these out since Logan is only 2+months. But I like the 0-6 mo ones and I love the disign.
The airy version – winner of a design award

  • Innovative design
  • Very light and pleasant
  • Available with MAM Ultra Soft Silicone Nipple
  • Particularly good for the skin
  • Ideal for baby's jaw
The MAM air set comes n 3 different colors they have a blue set, green set and also a pink/purple set. These are also BPA free. The orthodonic nipple is ideal for babies jaw and teeth development. It individally adapts to babies mouth. MAM soothers are awaysin the right position.

Lastly is their MAM anit-Colic Bottle. They sent me a 3 pack of their 0+ 5oz bottles.

These are great bottles and are very affordable.
With the MAM Anti-Colic bottle babies feel relaxed and happy from day one. This is because they don't swallow any air while drinking. And this makes the switch between Mom and MAM particularly easy. These are BPA free and have a ultra soft silicone nipple that is patient pending no other silicone feels softer. It comes with a leak proof cap for the dynamics of everyday baby life. The wide opening for easy filling and cleaning. Also the vented base is a unique invention for ideal flow.

These are great products and I would recommend then. They have alot of different types of products to choose from and have alot of information on their web site.

I received these items for review purposes. My opinions are honest and I was not paid for this review.

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