Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Irma Guzman Eco Jewelry Review


Today review is coming from Irma Guzman Eco Jewelry.
Eco friendly jewelry is made of sustainable materials such as seeds, nuts, and wood which are the materials we use to make our designs. Eco jewelry can also refer to jewelry created with recycled or Fair Trade materials.

We are committed to supporting the conservation of our natural resources, and the economic development of small artisan communities in South America.
  • All the seeds we use are harvested without harming the trees they come from.
  • Our seeds are dyed with natural oils by artisans in South America.
  • We use sustainable wood in our designs.
  • Our products are not treated with additional chemicals.
  • Our necklaces and accessories are handmade in our studio in Grand Prairie, Texas, to ensure high quality and the least amount of material wasted.
  • When you buy our pieces you are acquiring statement jewelry; you are also contributing to the development of small artisan communities in South America whose income is only derived from the cultivation of these seeds; and most importantly you are helping preserve the ecosystem.
  • Each design is handmade in a limited edition, and in a sustainable way.

They sent me over a great necklace and earrings set. I think it is from their Rainforest Collection. It comes nicely packaged in a great box.


This is a great statement piece and I wore it to our family's bonfire and I received lots of compliments and when I told them that it was made from nuts and seeds they couldn't believe it. I loved it and it looks great with any outfit. I think it looks great on me let me know what you think.

I received these items for review purposes only. My opinions are honest and I was not paid for this review.

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