Friday, October 14, 2011

GoGo SqueeZ Review

This review is coming from GoGo SqueeZ. Story has it that in the 19th century a lving grandfather was determined to craft a special snack for his grandson. Using delicious apples from the Val De Lorie region of France, Monsieur Materne created a delicious and sinple applesauce, the Materne Company was born in what would become the most popular applesauce company in the world.

Today Materne still uses apples from the same region to offer kids and adults alike the yummy and nutritious treat of premium all natural applesauce.
products description
They sent me over 2 boxes of their Applesauce on the go in the flavors Applesauce and Applestrawberry.
They come 4 to a box.
I love products. They are a real convienient product and I keep one in my purse for on the go. We often have times when we are out and Brendan says he is hungry so I will just give him a applesauce to hold him over. It also has a resealable cap on it in cause your little one doesnt eat it all at once.
Brendans favorite is the regular Applesauce flavor but I am loving the Applestrawberry. I will be on the lookout for other flavors. You can find these at your local grocery stores and also at walmarts. They have a Store Locator.

You can find them on Twitter and Facebook.

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