Wednesday, September 14, 2011

RearZ Smitten Cloth Diaper Review & Giveaway WORLDWIDE! (OPEN)

I was also sent a Smitten Cloth Diaper from Rearz for revew. Their diapers are very brightly colored and are great in the washing machine They sent me over a red Smitten Diaper that retails for $14.49 and come in the colors red, orange, yellow, brown and green.
As Rearz unveils its seconds generation (G-2) of fitted diapers, be prepared for a unique and pleasant experience.  These new diapers are so vibrant they will make your mouth water.
This Green America Approved fitted diaper boasts several unique features in its class.
1. Only fitted on the market with a back opening, customisable back pocket opening
2. Certified organic dyes that are not food sourced (using up valuable food resources)
3. Oversize YKK brand Velcro tabs including the laundry tabs (1.5" of super grip which is 50% larger than average)
4. Comes in an XL size (not so unique until.. we added 2 extra layers of absorbency and is suitable for up to 6 years old in many cases without needing boosters. Many companies produce and XL but it fails to meet the
increased absorbency capacity of older children.
This 100% cotton diaper is very absorbent diaper is fairly made in Pakistan of luxurious velour
Other features include
•tongue design for faster drying time
•cross over velcro for a more customizable fit
•low lint design
•suitable for night time use

Manufactured to the strictest Oeko-tex 100 standards and are "Better Than Organic" and have no harmful chemical residues in the finished product. This means no chemicals from seed to packing! Green America Approved

Because these diapers are so thickly woven for softness and durability, you will notice that they take 5-6 washes to reach maximum absorbency, unlike cheaper diapers that will in 2 washes.  Prewash in hot water with vinegar the first time.

They come in 4 sizes
Small is 0-6 months or 6-15 pounds
Medium is 6-12m 14-22lbs
Large 11m-4yrs 22-40lbs
XL 3+ years or  41+ pounds

They fit well and Logan didn's seem to mind wearing it. I love their velcro closure and he didnt look like he was swimming in this one since it was a small 6-15 lbs. I used this with their diaper liners I reviewed in the last post.

Want to win a Rearz Smitten diaper of your own?


  1. Does your nephew Logan typically wear cloth diapers?

  2. Of course i would love to win a cloth diaper. I own 1 Rearz and i mean i think it is good quality :) I am one of your new combers and you don't have specific directions of what you want to enter. So hopefully i am doing this correctly ;)

    GFC name: Elizabeth
    Size: Small

  3. Who wouldn't want to win a cloth diaper.*hey my little guy is a Logan also!) I am new to cloth diapering and loving it so far!I'm also really glad to see so many people into cloth diapering. However, there is no instructions on how to enter to win and I've never done any contests online and I'm slightly computer illiterate so maybe i'm not looking in the right place. But here is my info...

    name: Autumn
    Size: medium