Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Making the most of a perfume set

Guest post written by Rachel Myers

Any time that I buy a big perfume gift set, I normally break it up and give the other things to other people. I'm not much of a believer in using the body wash, lotion and the solid perfume, along with the regular perfume set. I don't think that anyone actually does all of that. But I always like to buy a set because you can normally get a really good deal on it.
The holidays are a really good time to buy some cheaper perfume sets, but I like to shop around online for them year-round. I was online with my wireless internet Charlotte last week shopping around for some stuff. I found a couple of different sets, which all of them just seemed to be for these celebrity-endorsed perfumes.
I had it down to two different perfumes, including Jennifer Lopez's latest perfume and then Beyonce's latest one. I think that both of them smell really good because I've smelled them a couple of times. Any time that I'm near a perfume counter, I have a habit of checking out all of the different scents, so I'm familiar with ones that I've been around.

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