Thursday, September 29, 2011

FluffStash Review & Giveaway

FluffStash - iPhone App for cloth diapers
This is going to be a great addition for all of my cloth diapering mama's. The Fluffstash App is a great addition to any cloth diaper collection. Introducing the very first of its kind, Fluff Stash, an iPhone app just for cloth diaper fanatics! In this easy to use and navigate app you’ll have so much fun snapping fun shots of all your diapers, categorizing them by brand, color, size, style and more! Sort, organize, and share your stash with the click of a button.

We know just how addicted cloth diapering moms are, not just to their cloth diapers, but to their smart phones and their social networks. That’s why we’re giving you the best of all your favorite things by allowing you to satisfy your craving to talk about cloth, use your phone, and share photos of your entire stash all in one convenient place!

Fluff Stash App for iPhoneWhat’s the best part?

It’s totally affordable and easy to use! No gimmicks, a really fun app that you can use on a daily basis for practical or totally impractical reasons, you decide! Just $0.99 in iTunes App Store.

Download Fluff Stash from the App Store today and take your cloth diaper addiction to a whole new level!

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I love this app. It helps me when I am out and looking at diapers from other moms and sales. I can pull up my app and know all of the brands and colors that I already have as well as sizes. If I am looking to build a variety I know that I will not have 2 of the same diaper. Or if I am really loving one brand I will know to search for that kind. I love that you can e-mail, share to twitter and facebook. So if you are looking to trade a diaper you can just e-mail a photo from your stash. I love this and I am in the process of adding all of my diapers. You can just take a photo right on your phone and add it.

Want to win a iPhone app?

I received this item for review purposes only. My opinions are honest and I was not paid for this review.

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