Thursday, September 1, 2011

Eat Cake Pops Review And My birthday Giveaway US ONLY(CLOSED)

Hello I have reviewed some cake pops from Let them Eat Cake Pops Company. In celebration of my upcoming birthday she will also be hosting a giveaway! stay tuned to the end of the post.

I received my package in the mail and it looked great! Very cute and loved the colors.
The box is so cute and I love her logo. And inside the box was the next treat I found.
Ok so who and what is Let them eat cake pops?
A Cake Pop is an irresistibly yummy, moist cake in just the right size – on a stick!

So fun to eat and without the mess of slicing a cake, they are the perfect addition to any party or special occasion!
Our cake pops are always fresh because they are made to order. They can be customized to complement any occasion.
A few years ago, I read about cake balls on a cake website. They were delicious and everyone loved it when I made them. Who doesn’t love delicious moist balls of cake in any flavor dipped in chocolate? Not long after a friend told me about the awesome Bakerella (a cake blogger) who had put the cake ball on a stick and called it a cake pop. It was genius and I was hooked.
So intrigued by these little cake pops, I started making them for fun. I practiced, giving them away, while developing more and more recipes. I found I really enjoyed it. I thought what a great business this would be as cake pops have so many applications, and unlike cakes, cake pops can be shipped anywhere!
Our cake pops are handmade and always fresh, because they are made to order. Here at Let Them Eat Cake Pops Co., we only bake from scratch, using the highest quality ingredients in our products - including unbleached cake flour, premium chocolate, cage-free eggs, unrefined cane sugar, and pure vanilla. Using natural ingredients is very important to us and we use them wherever possible in our ingredient list. We value the health of our customers and our children. Who wants to eat a cake pop made from bleached flour at a birthday party? I didn’t think so……ewwwwwwww…….gross!
She send me over 3 different cakes because I am special. Her cake prices are listed below.

General Pricing – Please limit 2 flavors per dozen.
*Please allow 48 hours notice for all orders.*

The colors of your Cake Pops and ribbons can be customized to your theme at no additional charge.

  • $24/dozen – Classic Cake Pops - our signature “round” cake pops
  • $56/dozen – Special Character Cake Pops - monkeys, unicorns, frogs, etc.
  • $30/dozen – Gluten-Free
  • $20/dozen - Cake Balls (without stick)
  • Cake pop arrangements will incur an extra charge depending on size and design. Due to complexity and fragility, cake pop arrangements are for local pickup or delivery only.

  • Ok so I tried out her Strawberries 'N' Cream - Strawberry Cake made with real strawberries, white chocolate coating

    Reverse Peanut Butter Cup – Chocolate Cake with a peanut butter coating

    Coffee 'N' Cream - Coffee Infused Cake, white chocolate coating

    I couldn't keep Brendan out of the box he was eating them all! I told him that this great box of cake was probably all of the birthday cake I would be eating.

    They were GREAT! they were so moist inside and I'm sorry to say that they are all gone.

      Want to win a dozen of your own


    1. I want to win one!!! But How do I enter?

    2. They look very yummy, I love the new system you have on here! I so need to focus more on my blog!!

    3. Happy b-day! Hope you enjoyed those cake pops! If you wrestled any away from your son that is! lol =)

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    5. These look really yummy, happy bday!
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