Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dealing with indoor allergies once it gets colder outside

Guest post written by Cheryl Teague

I really hate how once it starts to get cold outside you have to worry about dealing with indoor allergies because the heat just stirs up all kinds of allergens. That's always been such a problem for me and I know that it is for lots of other people too. There's nothing worse than going to work and your sinuses aching because of allergies and having to sit there and do your work. So this fall I'm trying to do some things so that I'm hoping will really help relieve me of all that.
I've been reading up online to get some tips about how exactly I can deal with these indoor allergens without inconveniencing anyone else at work. I used my San Antonio wireless internet and found a few different tips. One thing was to make sure that you're changing your air filters as often as suggested. That also just helps with the air flow too.
I know that one thing I can do at work is make sure that I'm drinking plenty of water to help with my indoor allergies. It's supposed to help make symptoms more bearable.

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