Friday, August 19, 2011

Pr Friendly

Trying To Go Green is a PR Friendly blog! My family and I enjoy reviewing products, companies, and websites and giving our honest opinion about them. On this blog we will review Green items, Household items, laundry, cleaning, Pregnancy items, TTC products, all items related to baby, and also older childrens items and mens items. I also have 4 cats and 3 dogs who are always willing to try out pet friendly products.I have a few people that help me with reviews on this channel. If you are interested in having your products or website featured on Trying To Go Green please contact me at

**Review Policy**

The review product must be sent to me free of charge and will not be returned after the review is finished. Once I receive the product I will post the review within 3-5 weeks. The review will be emailed to the sponsor so they can promote it however they choose. I do not write negative reviews. If I am unhappy with a product or company I will contact the company or PR agency so we can assess the situation.

**Giveaway Policy**
The prize must be sent directly to the winner from the company or PR agency unless prior arrangements have been made between myself and the sponsor. Giveaways generally last between 2-3 weeks and all winners are to be chosen at random. The giveaway will be promoted on twitter and Facebook as well as several giveaway linky's, blogger groups, and giveaway promoting websites. I will also email the link to the sponsor so they can promote it however they choose.

**Sponsored/Pre-Written Posts**
If you are interested in having a sponsored or pre-written post featured on Trying To Go Green please contact me so we can work out an arrangement that suits everyone involved.

Ad space is always available! I currently accept button/banner ads as well as text links. Contact me for details.
If you have any questions please contact me.

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