Friday, August 5, 2011

Bella Viva Orchards Review

 Farming the rich soil of the Central Valley is a Martino family tradition that Bella Viva carries out with pride. We produce and sell exceptional fresh and dried fruit, nuts and chocolate to loyal customers at our stands in northern California's celebrated farmer's markets, in select restaurants and to our online customers across the country

Named for our daughters, Vivian and Belle, Bella Viva means beautiful long life in Italian. The name captures the essence of Bella Viva Orchards and all we at Bella Viva aim to provide for our customers.
They send me over three of their dried fruits.

The lovely people over a Bella Viva Orchards sent me 3 of their products for review. They have alot of different fruits, Gift baskets, fruit trays, chocolate fruits, and trail mixes.
First is their Certified Organic White Peaches. $6.00 for 1 8oz bag.
Fresh from the Central California sun, sliced peaches come as fine as nature made them. Sweet and full-flavored, these unsweetened dried white peaches are packaged without the preservative sulfur dioxide, normally used to preserve the peaches' color when drying. Our Organic White Peaches make the perfect, nutritious snack for your hiking trip, a busy work day, or your kids' lunch box.
These are really great and fresh.

Next is Certified Organic Persimmons. Which are sold out on their web site. $6.00 8oz bag.
To the ancient Greek, persimmons are known as the "fruit of gods" and they are indeed a heaven sent snack. Fresh-persimmon-lovers go wild for them. Those who aren't fans of fresh persimmons are usually hooked with one bite of our sweet chewy organic dried Hachiya Persimmons. While featuring Bella Viva Orchards, Martha Stewart said she likes our dried persimmons even more than the native grown dried persimmons of Japan.

Dried persimmons are known for their ability to fight Acid Reflux. Take a glance at People's Pharmacy to see some testimonials how Persimmon Punch is helping sooth people's heart burn. Or do a quick Google search of "persimmons acid reflux" for tons of info on the subject.
I had never tried this fruit before and I didn't really care for it but it still had a good taste and my mom really liked it.

Lastly is the Certified Organic Currants. $5.00 for a 1lb bag
Bella Viva's organic Zante Currants are dried from the highest quality Black Corinth Grape. They are first known to be cultivated in ancient Greece on the Ionian Island of Zakynthos or "Zante," the English translation. Famous for their intense, rich flavor and small size, they make the perfect ingredient for baked goods, granola, and yogurt. Our organic dried Zante Currants are so good we prefer to eat them right out of the bag.
I love these they taste like a raisin only smaller. I can not wait to try these out in a muffin.

Use coupon code tryingtogogreen to get 20% off your order. The code is good until 10/20/11. Free ground shipping with order of $69 or more. Thanks again for sending out these items for review.

Thanks to the company or PR who sent these items out for review. My opinions are honest and i was not paid for this reivew.

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