Sunday, July 31, 2011

Nvey Eco Makeup Review

This is going to be my first official eco makeup review on this blog and i am very excited! I love that some companies care about the inviroment and also what types of items are going on our faces because i know that i do. I am going to be reviewing three products that I was sent.

About the company:
Arriving stateside 2006, comes the first truly organic collection of make-up from Australian cosmetic house NVEY Le Maquillage. This organic range of products, aptly named NVEY ECO, is one of the few and most innovative of its kind to hit the U.S market. A pioneer in the industry, NVEY ECO is a luxurious and comprehensive collection of makeup colors suited for all skin types and ages and the only cosmetic brand to be certified organic by the Organic Food Chain.
Maintaining the brands unique heritage as a natural, yet glamorous line of make-up, NVEY ECO is one of the first organic cosmetics brands in the U.S market. Formulated with a careful blend of plant and mineral ingredients, natural botanical extracts and antioxidants, NVEY ECO products offer pure, gentle and beautiful make-up products for the most discerning beauty buffs. Ingredients from this unique line of make-up include Natural Beeswax, Rose Absolute, Jojoba Oil, Chamomile and selected prove vitamins such as A, E and C Known for their restorative and soothing properties. NVEY ECOs wide range of long-lasting eye shadows, bronzers, foundations, lipsticks, and mascaras run the gamut in hues, textures, and finishes offering eco-friendly make-up choices for sexy green consumers.
With the recent surge in organic products and more consumers looking to maintain an organic lifestyle, NVEY ECO finally fills a void for consumers in search of beneficial makeup in tune with the wellness lifestyle. Manufactured in Australia, NVEY ECO is made with the most natural organic ingredients and contains the highest color value pigments ensuring professional, easy-to-achieve application and results.
NVEY ECO is the green child of its parent company, NVEY Le Maquillage. With nearly 50 years of beauty at the helm, NVEY LE Maquillage, founded by Rohan Widdison, has been one of the most trusted names and top-selling makeup brands in Australia and in other countries around the world such as Italy, South Africa, India, and the United Kingdom. NVEY Eco is the culmination of six stringent years of research, testing, and access to the expertise that comes with NVEYs legacy in beauty industry.

The first item that i will be reviewing is the Hydrating Lip Lustre in the color Amour Rose $25.00

This lip is so beautiful it is not sticky and glides on very smooth. The shimmer in it is very pretty i would say to me this is an inbetween a lipstick and a lip gloss so this is the only product you will need. It is very pigmented. It comes in 10 different colors

The next product for review is the Mattifying Compact Powder $43.50 in the color medium.

Although this color is a bit to dark for me I have been using it as a countouring color and bronzer. This powder is very creamy and goes on very smooth. NVEY ECO Mattifying Compact Powder's soft and smooth texture is derived from Jojoba Oil, Vitamins A, E and C, Chamomile and Corn Silk. This unique blend, combined with subtle earth mineral provides a natural coverage, perfect alone or to seal and refresh your foundation. It comes in six different colors.

Lastly I have the Single Eye Shadow in color #163 $25.00 Comes in 24 different colors
No flash

Over all these are great products and I would deffinatly reccoment them. I am LOVING the lip lustre. If you are interested in making a purchase Pleae enter the coupon code GoGreen 15 to take 15% off. This coupon code will be valid until September 22 2011 They also have a page to order samples of thier products for about $2.50 each so you can try them to see if you like a color. I love this for foundations and powders.

I want to thank the PR company or representative who sent me these products for review. My opinions are honest and I was not paid for this review.


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