Sunday, July 31, 2011

Book Review: Ghosts In The Garden

I just finished the book Ghosts In The Garden by Eleanor Davies Tydings Ditzen. This is a story about Serena Oaks Who starts having nightmares of things that has happened long before her time.

This books tells the stories of Neenamashay princess of the Susquehannock tribe and her son Nikki Oaks. It tells of their life and their accomplishments along the way. It tells about their families and about the war.

This book also tells about Susan Paca and her love for John Oaks and their plans to marry once he comes home from the war.

All of these stories took place before Serena was born but she keeps having nightmares from the loves of these women. Can anyone find the reason for Serena's nightmares before its to late? Will the ghosts in the garden warn her before in time?

I really liked this book it kept me on my toes wondering what would happen next. It wasn't really a scary book but then again in a way it was. It is a good book if you like reading about history and ghosts of their past.

I received this book from Dorrance for review in exchange for my review. My opinions are honest and i was not paid for this review.

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